The M.O.T. Inspection Manual Issue Date 01 January 2012 LastPage                     NextPage                     Contents                     Back                     Forward                     Home                      Brakes Section 3 Section Contents Sub-Section Subject Sub-Section Subject 3.1 Parking Brake Control 3.6 E. Valves 3.2 Hand Operated Brake Control Valves F. Pumps and Compressors 3.3 Service Brake Control G. Hydraulic Systems A. All Types of Braking Systems H. Air Systems B. Hydraulic Systems (including servo I. Additional Braking Devices assisted) J. Electronic Braking Systems (Class 5 C. Vehicles with High Servo Boost only) D. Full Power Hydraulic Braking Systems 3.7 Brake Performance E. Air and Vacuum Systems (including A. Roller Brake Test over hydraulic) B. Decelerometer Test 3.4 Anti-Lock Braking and Electronic C. Plate Brake Test Stability Control Systems D. Gradient Test 3.5 Mechanical Brake Components 3.8 Method of Calculating Brake 3.6 Braking Systems and Additional Performance Braking Devices 3.9 Example of a Manufacturers’ Plate A. All Braking Systems 3.10 Brake Efficiency Tables B. Brake Pipes and Flexible Hoses C. Servos and Master Cylinders D. Reservoirs (Air/Vacuum) (including accumulators, pressure and vacuum vessels)